A report on the studies on the relationship of oral infection and cardiovascular disease cvd

oral health and heart disease

Other problems reported included missing teeth and dentures that did not fit In cell cultures, such exposure has been related to an increase in cytokine production, increased monocyte recruitment and activation, and the formation of foam cells.

All these phenomena contribute to atheroma plaque formation.

oral health and coronary heart disease

The bottom line Whether the link is direct, indirect or coincidence, a healthy mouth and a regimen to keep it that way including not smoking, and getting regular dental care can help you keep your teeth.

Being independent was a facilitator to access dental care. In the United States of America USA oral health training was incorporated in as a national initiative in nursing training to improve the quality of oral health and reduce disparities [ 68 ].

how is gum disease linked to heart

Leptin exerts a protective effect against obesity and is related to bone metabolism. A number of theories have been proposed, including: The bacteria that infect the gums and cause gingivitis and periodontis also travel to blood vessels elsewhere in the body where they cause blood vessel inflammation and damage; tiny blood clots, heart attack and stroke may follow.

Periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease ppt

One of the most controversial issues is whether periodontal treatment modifies the risk of developing arteriosclerotic vascular disease or its complications. Oxidative stress, systemic inflamma-tion, and severe periodontitis. A panel of nine subgingival bacteria was evaluated, and subjects infected with one or more of these bacteria were compared with non-infected subjects. Many epidemiological studies have examined the relationship between oral health and different systemic conditions such as metabolic syndrome 21 - In experimental studies in animals, vascular invasion by Porphyromonas gingivalis has been related to an increase in smooth muscle proliferation markers SA9, SMemb , and to the induction of hyperplasia of the tunica intima of the aorta 3. The present review offers an update on the relationship between oral diseases and cardiovascular diseases, together with an evaluation of the bidirectional relationship between metabolic syndrome and periodontal disease. Sample size The oral health behaviour - uptake of dental services by people with CVD, was used for the sample size estimation. Those studies focusing on populations at risk have found increased carotid media-intima thickness as a marker of atherosclerosis to be related to periodontal disease, particularly in patients with advanced periodontal disease 3 , 9 , Those rabbits developed atherosclerotic plaques that were less stable and therefore more likely to cause a heart attack and also had higher blood levels of inflammation than the rabbits that had not been exposed to the gum disease bacteria. These proteins are related to atheroma plaque formation 3. Finally, this article summarizes the present status of the links that possibly exist between PD and its role as a risk factor in triggering cardiovascular events, in the fairly long journey for the last two decades. Known as atherosclerosis, this fatty plaque is the hallmark of coronary artery disease.

Still there's a growing suspicion that gum disease may be an independent risk factor for heart disease.

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Oral health and cardiovascular care: Perceptions of people with cardiovascular disease