Benefit of speaking english essay

benefits of speaking english fluently

Literacy is not only a way of being able to read and write. Non-native speakers often find it hard to follow the same body language as native English speakers. In Saudi Arabia medicine is taught in English and that makes it easy for students to complete their higher education in foreign countries similar to U.

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Importance of spoken english essay

A little English here, a little math there, break, back to English and then math. Arabic is the language of the holy Quraan and every Muslim must know it. English is important if you are into the corporate world. Estimates about second speakers of English vary greatly between million and 1. In Saudi Arabia students in government schools start learning English in the sixth grade and it is not concentrated learning because of the limitation of the classes and the books is not well developed. I constantly complained and I had sleepless nights. Therefore, my poor vocabulary, my grammar, my improper sentence structure, all this factors make me struggled on the exam, and make me did bad compare to others. Spoken English also improves your English reading and writing ability.

It was spoken in the 5th century Daniel M. One of the best ways to express your thoughts is always using your mother tongue. This all brings it back to the thought of being able to comprehend a skill at an earlier time rather than waiting, before it is too late.

importance of speaking english for students

Just learn to speak English to achieve success in your career. Imagine yourself getting that dreamed job and the big paid you wanted and all of that because you know how to speak English.

Benefit of speaking english essay

I hope you enjoy! English is important if you are into the corporate world.

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Order Now The advantage of speaking english Essay Sample There are many great reasons to learn English and the advantages that come from speaking English when you travel are many, varied and valuable. When she started school, it was difficult. For me I learned to speak Standard English independently applying five strategies which can be used by teachers to teach speaking of English. Before people can commence their studies overseas, a lot of hard work and preparation needs to take place. English is often the common language between two people from different countries. I had not slept the night before and I can feel the bags beneath my eyes screaming for rest. Harvard Business Publishing, 20 July There are four language skill, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In the process of writing the paper, I wanted to contribute a topic that I was able to relate to. It is a vital step in the university entrance process, because without this score universities cannot accept students who come from non-English speaking backgrounds.

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The Benefits of Learning English Essay Example