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Externality Pollution As per the requirement of the council, the organisation needs to control the air pollution. This is the type of economy where the market economy is based upon an ideology that assumes that consumer choice will influence market forces to ensure an optimum allocation of resources with no need for interference from the government.

The economy is considered to be in transition process that is adopting new structure for development. There are few market structures like monopolistic competition or competitive market, oligopoly, monopsony, oligopsony, monopoly and perfect competition.

So in order to be in equilibrium, the firm will attempt to maximize the difference between total revenue and total cost. The company has the brand image by which it is better knowledge among the customers. This role for competition policy institutions is particularly significant, in light of the magnitude of the challenge that Italy faced in improving market functioning.

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Here it is decided that old process of manufacturing will be used or new process needs to be framed. Indianapolis, Indiana: Wiley Publishing, Inc. Through the International Trade, Sainsbury PLC has attained the benefits of minimum cost of communication as well as cost of transportation.

Business Environment for HND BM Gihan Sandaruwan Page 34 A company or organization will always try and predict demand for its product or service, and ensure that demand is met by implementing a cost effective strategy.

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