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Therefore, you will need a thorough, detailed business plan which should be specific about the use of the funds.

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Can I get business insurance before registering my business? Entertainment licence — this will allow you to play music in your cafe. When doing her research, Sahar Hashemi, the co-founder of Coffee Republic, spent a day on the Circle Line, getting off at each of the 27 stops to investigate what type of coffee was on offer. Many big brand coffee chains including Costa and Starbucks operate as franchises. Deal with complaints gracefully Dealing with unhappy customers is never easy, but there are certain things you can do to handle complaints smoothly. You should get registered with HMRC and get insured before you start trading — if you fail to do so, you could be in for a shock. Temperature — you should keep your cafe at a comfortable temperature so that customers are neither too hot nor too cold. Calculating the total amount of money needed, and what it will be spent on, is often one of the most intimidating tasks for an entrepreneur to carry out.

The number of smaller, independent cafes has risen dramatically in the past five years, as the British public becomes ever more conscientious about economical sustainability and the importance of supporting local businesses. Think about ways to encourage repeat custom. A full range of Italian coffees.

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For example, the icon to the right is sometimes used by Caffe Nero instead of their full logo. Encourage repeat business.

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You may be looking for ways to increase custom in quiet periods, or you may be looking to expand your business on the whole. Using visual sites such as Pinterest can help to give you inspiration. For instance, a dog-friendly cafe will be looking to attract dog lovers almost exclusively. Events Hosting events at your cafe can help to draw people's attention and attract new custom. Daniel Brown Marketing. Your bank manager or finance manager will want to see that you have done your homework before lending you any money. You also need to be clued up the basic principles of food preparation. Industry and competition — your research of the market place and how your cafe will fit into it. Things to bear in mind include: The location of the door in relation to the main counter — the counter should be close enough to the door to allow customers to easily order coffee to go, but far away enough that a queue at the counter would not restrict access for customers who want to sit in. However, if you persuaded just half of those customers to opt for a large cup instead, then you could increase sales by

Lighting — consider not only the fixtures, but the actual levels of light in the room. Performance issues could include poor customer service, failure to meet goals or unwillingness to carry out responsibilities.

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An example, short-term training plan for baristas and waiting staff is below: You may also consider whether you want staff to start on quieter days, or throw them in at the deep end during your busiest periods. If you sell food, there are often even more upselling opportunities to be had - as the customer is likely to be in your cafe for a longer period of time, you'll get the chance to have multiple verbal exchanges with them. Is opening a coffee shop right for you? Using high-quality beans and speciality brews can give your coffee shop a distinct advantage. For example, you could easily spend thousands of pounds on a high quality espresso machine, or you may find a second hand one for a fraction of the price. Conduct-related issues typically involve negligence, poor attendance, bad time keeping and hostile behaviour. When doing her research, Sahar Hashemi, the co-founder of Coffee Republic, spent a day on the Circle Line, getting off at each of the 27 stops to investigate what type of coffee was on offer.

Profit margins will only become significant if you open multiple outlets and even then your initial costs will be significant. If your menu is extensive, try cutting unpopular items and sticking to the best sellers.

Attention to detail — menus with typos, incorrect prices or formatting errors look unprofessional — and the mistakes can even be enough to put a potential customer off.

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It takes time and discipline to write an effective business plan but it is vital to think about your costs and how you will sustain the business. Read on for more details on each step. Find your niche Finding your niche is important for a market as crowded as coffee. Coffee shop ideas — create the right proposition Unlike restaurants, coffee shops rely on passing trade, often catering for office workers during the week or busy shoppers at the weekends. I In , there were over 18, coffee-selling outlets in the UK, which sold over 2 billion coffees to the caffeine-craving British publicI. Staff management Once you have hired the perfect employees for your coffee shop, some training may be required. Environmental Health Service — you will likely be required to register your business with the Environmental Health Service before opening your doors to the public.

Coffee is now such a big business that there are several specialist barista recruitment agencies, but you should make sure that you understand the costs of using recruitment agencies. Personal injury — yourself, a member of staff or a member of the public could sustain injury on your business premises.

Icon — you may want to design a simple icon to represent your brand, so that your cafe name does not always have to be spelled out, or your full logo used.

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