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We need to reach an accord on the kind of places we are creating for future generations, while generating long-lasting financial benefit for the council and the private sector. The aim is to create balanced communities that are enhanced both physically and economically.

Brooks and A.

urban regeneration projects

Hall and P. Oatley ed.

urban regeneration schemes

Dobson, and S. Corporate social responsibility Paul Cooke, new business and corporate social responsibility CSR director at Higgins Construction, goes so far as to say that the biggest single driver of urban regeneration is CSR. MacGregor eds.

Palgrave Macmillan,pp. O'Connor and D. Jewson and S. Urban regeneration into the future Introduction Urban regeneration and transforming cities Critique of central government urban regeneration policy Cities in transition: thematic approaches to regeneration Future directions for urban regeneration policy Summary: key issues and debates Study questions Key readings on urban regeneration into the future Key websites on urban regeneration into the future References Index ix Acknowledgements Thanks go to former colleagues and PhD supervisors Rosemary Bromley and Colin Thomas at the Department of Geography at Swansea University.

By tackling a large area and using a cross-subsidy mechanism, by which more valuable developments support unviable schemes, a step-change has occurred. Economic Competition in Urban Policy

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