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Arroz con pollo Arroz con pollo literally means rice with chicken. It is a combination of white rice with black beans which are cooked in garlic, oil and a bunch of other spices.

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Is made of crushed beef tomato paste, red peppers, onions, and garlic. This is then dipped in beaten eggs, passed on breadcrumbs and fried. Empanizado Breaded and fried meat cutlet. There are fry balls of dough with cheese and filled with jam. The color comes of course from tomato, but with greater intensity due to the common addition of annatto achiote. However, we should not forget that Cuba has been suffering from isolation for well over half a century. It's a small caramel flan topped with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. To make malanga fritters, it is grated. Ice Cream Cubans love ice cream. A cafecito or cortadito are the usual drinks of choice. This is the most similar Cuban sandwich to what you might find in Tampa or Miami. One of these alternatives are the Paladares. Cubans learnd it from Spainard who came from Andalusia. What can I say, other than it was delicious — especially if accompanied by a mojito! The result is a sweet and tangy flavor which is truly mouthwatering.

But quality is still very inconsistent and there are a lot of reasons for that. A cafecito or cortadito are the usual drinks of choice.

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Moros y Cristianos - Rice cooked in black beans is a traditional, simple dish served at nearly every Cuban restaurant. In any case, there are some Cuban dishes that include beef among their ingredients. I tried it in Havana Vieja, the day after I arrived, and it certainly was good. Imported food is horribly overpriced ie. MediaNoche — Midnight Sandwich With roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles, this is almost identical to a Cuban sandwich, save for the bread, a sweeter eggy bread. Any Casa Particular can prepare this to you. By being a tourist in Cuba you are unavoidably supporting the current governmental practices. Casabe — Yuca Bread A simple bread made from yuca. Typical Cuban dishes you must try If you like food, you need to try the real Cuban food recipes. In the classic Cuban family, the elderly man in the house is the one who turns the skewer to grill the pork. They brought coffee, bananas, oranges, rice, pigs, horses, rabbits, among others. Although it can not be forgotten that for a long time they were limited by the political situation of the country. It can be found anywhere — street corners, main squares and beaches.

The daily diet of Cubans consists of rice and beans and a few other things. Peas and roasted red peppers are also traditionally mixed in. Copa Lolita - Similar to flan, but even better. Vegetarian Cuban Cuisine It may appear that Cuba is a meat and potatoes…or rather rice…kind of country.

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A breakfast at Casas Particulares consists of different types of fruits of the island, coffee and milk. It is a suckling pig which is slowly roasted on a spit, until the skin is light and crispy.

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Yucca Fingers - These are essentially the Cuban version of the French fry, except thicker and made out of yucca.

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