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He is loved, not least, by Mr. In the 20 months leading up to his Great Alaskan Adventure, his travels lead him on a path of self-discovery, to examine and appreciate the world around him and to reflect on and heal from his troubled childhood and parents' sordid and abusive relationship.

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McCandless perished sometime around the week of August 18, , after surviving more than days. Two weeks later, his body is found by moose hunters. He confuses similar plants and eats a poisonous one, falling sick as a result. Noting McCandless' unpreparedness, the stranger who drops him off lends him a pair of boots. He now occupies his time in a workshop as an amateur leather worker. He refuses to keep in touch with them after his departure, causing his parents to become increasingly anxious and eventually desperate. Fault Of Pot[ato] Seed" [5] [6] Based on this entry, Krakauer hypothesized that McCandless had been eating what he thought was the roots of an edible plant, Hedysarum alpinum , commonly known as wild Eskimo potato , which are sweet and nourishing in the spring but later become too tough to eat. It has profanity, brief nudity and some violent or otherwise upsetting scenes.

Thomas Clausen, toxins were not found. He donates nearly all of his savings to Oxfam and sets out on a cross-country drive in his Datsun to experience life in the wilderness.

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Shortly afterwards, Carine McCandless returns to Virginia with her brother's ashes in her backpack. It has profanity, brief nudity and some violent or otherwise upsetting scenes. He is forced to leave after Westerberg is arrested for satellite piracy.

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Krakauer also relates the stories of some other young men who vanished into the wilderness, such as Everett Ruessan artist and wanderer who went missing in the Utah desert duringat age

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