Essay compare and contrast han dynasty and roman empire

interaction between roman and han empires

The Han Dynasty was one of many dynasties in ancient China and it was able to change the outlook on society because of its radical and novel ideology based on Confucianism China worked on expanding her boarders using military force, eventually covering more land than any previous dynasty.

Rome built the Pantheon using their newly invented building material, concrete. Because of his strong leadership and effective measures, the economy recovered quickly and stability returned to the society.

han dynasty vs roman empire

On the other hand, the Chinese advanced in science and art by inventing paper for use in literature and business; and an irrigation system that reached extensively across their fields allowing them to effectively water their crops.

Both rulers utilized military victories, new code laws, and established a sense of unity throughout the land.

The Tiber River aided the Romans in trade and provided protection at the same time. So they believe that what makes a good government is good laws!

tang dynasty vs roman empire
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