Essay writing on uses and abuses of internet

The Internet comprises many interconnected computer network. Internet has become an important part of our day to day lives. There are numerous others. It is also called a network of networks.

Even some immoral persons use Internet to belittle others. The Govt. Similarly, booking hotels and movie tickets has also become extremely simple with the use of internet.

As internet has confined the to four-walls, healthful activities like sports, games, social gathering, cultural activities, sharing of feelings, etc are vanishing away rapidly.

Entertainment From watching movies to playing games to surfing social media — internet is a complete source of entertainment. To get necessary information, one needs to search Yahoo or Goggle.

essay on uses and abuses of internet for class 10

In a very short span of time, it has linked together the whole world. Conducting research related to any subject has thus become quite easy these days.

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Uses and Abuses of Internet Essay Example