Essays on biotechnology

Essays on biotechnology

On the basis of the type of nutrient provided by the bio fertilizers, they can be categorized as follows: a Nitrogen Bio fertilizers: These are the microbial inoculants which enhance the availability of nitrogen by fixation of atmospheric nitrogen. It is unacceptable that number of hungry people is so high. Micropropagation of ornamental plants such as gladioli, orchids and bougainvillea which have tremendous export value has been achieved. An example of this is the engineering of a plant to express a pesticide, thereby eliminating the need for external application of pesticides. Application in modern era includes the field of genetic engineering. On the basis of his studies and observations, a genetic counsellor tells the possibilities of giving birth to the child or aborting the child. Effective teams are required to adapt to organizational changes, embrace and evolve with the change, and seize opportunities that come with the change to achieve the organizational goals. Environmental Biotechnology Cooperative Research Centre EBCRC develops advanced technologies based on biological systems to improve efficiency and reduce or utilize waste to benefit a wide range of industries and the environment. Developed countries and even some developing countries also, are pushing the researches in this field biotechnology has a great commercial potential It has revolutionized the industries specially the pharmaceuticals. This opens up vast possibilities of selective breeding of improved bamboo varieties and thus replacing the vegetative propagation by speed propagation.

The investments and economic output of all of these types of applied biotechnologies form what has been described as the biotechnology. Different uses of genetically engineered microbes GEM in various industries can be enlisted as follows: a Vitamins like Vit.

This was followed by automated microscopy to determine how silencing each gene would affect the ability of parkin to tag the mitochondria.

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Cloned genes are necessary research tools for studies of the structure, function and expression of the genes. The domestication of plants and animals and the use of microorganisms to make cheese, yoghurt, bread, beer and wine are examples of early uses of biotechnology.

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To reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, for example by treating industrial waste water onsite using biological mediums such as microbes.

From finding ways to slow down th e process of food spoilageadvancements in genetic engineering to adapting organisms to clean p contaminated environemets, new applications and biotechnological invntions are continuously being developed to help our world.

Whilst skin cells protect the human body, nerve cells send signals from and to the brain and muscle cells contract, stem cells do Herbert Boyer and Robert A.

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