Fashion stylist business plan


personal stylist business model

Aside from learning about business, Greenawalt also received formal training in color and shape analysis, which helps her more scientifically determine what looks good and why. Who is this business right for?

Personal Stylist Certification - School of Style You also need to have a good eye, and that is something that cannot really be taught. Talk about your accomplishments. In return you will receive well-framed and presented photographs from which to build your portfolio and presence.

Establish your Web Presence A business website allows customers to learn more about your company and the products or services you offer. Every stylist worth his salt can whip up looks that make him stand out in the crowd, from Patricia Field to Rachel Zoe.

But she does admit that having a natural eye for style helps. This is the 1 way I NOW get clients online. Then create your entire business around her. Got a question?

Get ready to multitask.

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Look Good Business Plan