Female and gender leadership essay

Transactional leaders also create little competitions within their teams to make the working process more exciting.

gender differences in leadership essay

Conclusion In this thesis I wrote about leaders, leadership style and management, differences of male and female in leadership. According to the organizational psychology disciplines, leadership is a product of awareness and command of the reactions and influences of a group on the individual, as well as the individual on the group.

Men show more leadership, have higher-quality contributions, being more desirable for hiring, meriting a higher salary, and more responsible job.

These softer skills are more in demand today rather than the aggressive, dominating style of men. One of the first experts who started studying female and male leadership was Dr.

Although there is evidence of varied leadership styles based on gender, none is bad. Therefore, men and women can obtain leadership skills and use them according to the situation, environment and work place.

Female leadership vs male leadership

Therefore, leadership styles of women and men are different, probably because women more cooperative and collaborative, but less hierarchical, than men. Research methodology and methods The process of collecting data that can present relevant aspects of methods, which is used in this thesis is articles, journals, books, and internet. This also results in different models of behavior. The largest gap in favor of men is on the willingness to take risks. Baby Boomers and members of the Silent generation tend to have more a positive view of female leaders than do their younger counterparts. Leaders motivate followers, leaders see as of special relevance to 14 Master Thesis, Female and Gender Leadership Ainura Kadyrkulova the successful accomplishment of the vision and mission. Social architecture is very important for leaders. The equality model is that has as much relevance to a modern society. In contrast, women have better connectivity in a region that contains the cerebrum, also known as the supratentorial region. Women are active participants in the domestic area — family and men are active in the work area. Leadership and management. On the other hand, the conscious leader applies a variety of psychological tactics that affect the reactions of a group to the environment they exist in. What male and female do and what kind of features they are obtaining being qualified as leaders. There will be three subtopics used to argue the fact that Commanders should select pregnant women for leadership roles. By their opinion attention of leaders to followers is considered as one of the major strategies.

For instance, there was a consistency in interpersonally oriented for female leaders compared to subordinates.

Management can also refer to the person or people who perform the act of management. Self-awareness plays a big role for leaders and helps for continues process of getting skills and work under self-perfection.

Here we can see that leaders mostly are male-politicians, they reviewed through leadership style and strategies of leadership.

female leadership essay

He or she is the person in the group that possesses the combination of personality and skills that makes others want to follow his or her direction. Qualitative method is appropriate to make analyzes of research data, give answers on research question and will bring out to the openings or findings.

There are suggestions to strengthen females and their work in group.

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Male vs Female Leadership: Differences and Similarities