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Sellers, C. Unlike the British, the French managed to avoid turning the Indians against them by offering something that proved to be much more important: tolerance.

English monarchs would still claim the throne of France until During this period, mainly due to Colbert's the French minister of Finance proposals to Louis XIV for an increase in French territories in America that would then lead to an increase in France's world power, France began to devote more attention to the development of its North American territories and so French settlement rapidly expanded.

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Even more damage was done to the economies of France and its allies, which lost a useful trading partner. Following the Battle of Agincourt the English gained control of vast French territory, but were eventually driven out.

Dorn, pp. The British were further required to withdraw forces from the American mainland to protect their more valuable possessions in the West Indies.

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This was a one of the major causes of the Second World War as Britain and France could have stopped Hitler much earlier on, for example the invasion of the Sudetenland, but instead they allowed Hitler to take what he wanted in when the Sudetenland was handed to him Then the year , known as "the wonderful year", brought with it a series of amazing British victories -like the dramatic fall of Quebec in September 13, which marked the beginning of the end for the American phase of the war- and resulted in the following year in the surrendering of the French to Amherst in Montreal. Middleton, p. It was one of the original countries of the European Union, and has been a dominant factor in global trade. Soon it became obvious that only Great Britain and France could satisfy these conditions, and thus it was no surprise that by the beginning of the eighteenth century these two powers alone had colonized for their own interests the greatest part of North America. Anglo-French War, —[ edit ] In , Philip I, who had been king of France since before the Norman Conquest, died and was succeeded by his son Louis VI , who had already been conducting the administration of the realm in his father's name for several years. The colonies were one of the major factors that contributed to the recovery of the French naval and commercial power after the War of the Spanish Succession that resulted to the Treaty of Utrecht, and this recovery was felt not only along the coastline of France, but almost in every region of that country. The main forces behind these changes were 1. Washington allowed him to stay in America.

Britain, America and France all had representatives at this meeting; the Big Three.

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