How has the hospitality industry been effected by the worldwide economic crisis

According to forecasts, after eight consecutive years of recession, the Greek economy could return to a weak but positive rate of growth European Commission, S Economy in However, to date, there is little empirical evidence to support the claim that tourism fosters peace, however attractive as the idea may be.

how does recession affect tourism

In particular, Greece has experienced 8 consecutive years of recession between and as a result of the austerity measures adopted to address the sovereign debt crisis with disastrous consequences for the well-being of its citizens.

On the other hand, tourism undoubtedly has a significant impact on the GDP and employment of the workers, with high rates, especially in countries with high tourist activity.

For example, newer planes, such as the Boeing Dreamliner, use less fuel, generate less noise, and produce fewer emissions than previous models Boeing, While the impact of the Charlie Hebdo shootings is not evident in the data, anecdotal evidence suggests that hotels targeting the leisure market suffered an immediate short-term impact.

economic impact of hospitality industry

Tourism Management Perspectives, Case study, p. These measures include: strengthening alternative forms of tourism such as agrotourism and religious tourism that encourage visitors to come all year round, protecting and managing the environment, creating quality infrastructures, developing synergies with others sectors and branches of the economy, boosting competitiveness through a quality tourism product.

The claim of an authentic experience is a common promise for tourism marketers. Greece recorded a negative real GDP growth rate The Hotel Industry Faces Unique Challenges Hotels are complex organizations, creating value for consumers and investors by combining bricks and mortar with people and technology.

Social impact of hospitality industry

In contrast, in the developing world, this is not expected to occur until the middle of this century. The conclusions that can be drawn from these studies are that the current outlook for a quick recovery of the hospitality industry is quite dim, but at the same time the financial crisis has created some good buying opportunities for quick-thinking investors. These changes have allowed more people to travel more often in less time. Imagine you are a citizen in a part of the world that is experiencing hardship and this type of tourism is increasing in your community. In spite of the crisis, Germany and the United Kingdom still hold first and second positions, which represent the main source of market for Greece, although their shares have fallen during the last period Table 1 SETE, Increased price sensitivity triggers a decline in demand, occupancy levels fall and hoteliers discount prices to try to secure bookings. The population of British Columbia as of January 1, , was estimated at 4. An economic downturn is one of the most challenging demand shocks from an operational and investment perspective, as it typically has a protracted impact on revenues and capital expenditure. Such regulations speak to the universality of certain values and beliefs, which we all are required to follow as global citizens. Other security requirements, such as showing passports and providing fingerprints, have been implemented for entry into some countries. Why is it important for a local tour operator, general manager, or tourism business owner to think about globalization? Tourism Management, 29, More people are migrating than ever before, with million recent migrants compared with about million in

The goal is to create a brief overview of the economic situation in Greece, describe the changes that followed after the occurrence of economic crisis and to show how tourism responded to this situation.

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