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Curraigflemens — won this race last year off a 7lbs lower mark and fair to say it looks a strong heat this time around. Current Australian legislation banning online betting does, however, restrict all punters to live betting by phone for the time being.

Gambling can be more convenient from the comfort of your own home and placing bets is just a matter of clicking, but the real advantage of online gambling is the availability of promotions and welcome bonuses.

how to place a horse bet

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HORSE RACING BETS To write a horse racing bet out you will need to know the name of the horse, the time of the race, the racecourse and the odds offered — this is the information you need to get from the various screens and papers in a betting shop or online beforehand. Fleabitten - not a color, but refers to usually red hairs flecked in the coat of a gray horse.

Horse race betting

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