How to write a screenplay pitcher

This is by far the biggest mistake any writer or filmmaker can make.

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I hope they can help you as well. If they don't consistently do that with the projects they take on, they're out of business. Let's say you've signed up for a pitch fest or for a one-on-one session with an agent at a writers' conference or book fair. A pitch is nothing more than a verbal presentation of a notion, concept, situation, idea, or story. How to Write an Elevator Pitch The best first step when it comes to writing an elevator pitch is to get right at the core element of the concept that first grabbed you. The beauty of the Pitch Slam is that when that happens, you just move to the next table and present your pitch again. Does it represent what you loved about the film?

Finally, I tell them where we leave the characters. It sounds hard, but the way to do it is to wait for them to ask you about your life or weekend. From there you can derive a variety of shorter versions to suit your purposes.

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You've got maybe five minutes sitting across from this buyer to get him to look at your book or screenplay. But no matter how long or short your pitch, you should always keep that good one-liner in mind as you develop your pitch. Can it be summarized in 15 minutes? But as you will learn, the better your preparation, the less courage you'll be required to muster.

how to write a screenplay pitcher

Ask them when they connected with your story, and if they sincerely wanted to know more. To walk out of that room and say, that was a great pitch meeting, and then they pass on your project, what does that do? This is the time to read the room.

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Because if the quick version goes well they might want more. Use your own life to then work in what drew you to the project. But it was a blessing in disguise. You may also need to perfect your pitch for a pitchfest. And log lines might convey a little bit, but they will have much greater impact later in the pitch see below. Even if you're pitching to agents or executives or assistants whose own money isn't on the line, these people know that they or their bosses will have to convince dozens of other powerful people that this story will make a bundle. You will know immediately if they are responding. Then, find an artful way to segue those topics into the pitch. I have never found pitchfests to be effective or worth your time or money. But you carry their memory forever. Be sure to grab the outline for this elevator pitch template at the end of this post. Then: get lots and lots of people to read it.
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