Human adjustment

A well-adjusted person feels comfortable in different aspects of their community such as home, school, work, neighborhood, religious organization, etc. Flexibility to respond to and accommodate for changes in the environment Ability to handle adverse circumstances: well-adjusted people are able to take negative life events in stride, they will be motivated to take action to remedy the problem rather than passively accept it A realistic perception of the world that allows for a healthy amount of distrust of others and encourages pragmatic thinking A feeling of ease within surrounding environments.

Episodes generally include fantasizing about hopes for the future and other pleasant thoughts. This approach views all life events as intertwined and unable to be teased apart.

People strive to be comfortable in their surroundings and to have their psychological needs such as love or affirmation met through the social networks they inhabit.

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A well-adjusted person will acknowledge others' weaknesses but not actively search for faults. In this way, people increase their familiarity and comfort with their environments, and they come to expect that their needs will be met in the future through their social networks. Ways to encourage these healthy adjustment mechanisms may include: encouraging talking about and processing emotions understanding and offering support, especially during periods of transition reassuring them that they are normal and worthy of inclusion monitoring progress in different environments i.

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In general, a person that is well-adjusted will have the following characteristics: An understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses and a tendency to play up strengths while limiting the appearance of weaknesses Personal respect and appreciation, a well-adjusted individual finds themselves to be inherently valuable Appropriate aspirations that require hard work and capitalizing on strengths without being too far out of reach and setting them up for failure Basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and sleep are consistently met, as well as a general feeling of security and positive self-esteem Positive attitude and a tendency to find the goodness in other people, objects and activities.

We are considering an individual's adjustment to one challenge, not to all challenges they have faced. Additionally there is no way to have successfully adjusted because something will always be about to change and prompt further adjustment. Ongoing difficulties in social and cultural adjustment may be accompanied by anxiety or depression.

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Successfully adjusting to one scenario can be independent of struggling to adjust to another, unrelated scenario. Findings from this study suggest that day dreaming can help individuals with socio-emotional adjustment. These are conditions in which there is an inappropriate reaction to an external stress occurring within three months of the stress.

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What is Human Adjustment?