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The burritos were quite good, among the best food on the ship. I missed the good food and extra touches I find on more upscale cruise lines.

The reasons for this fall under three headings: incentives, fake reviews, and demographics. The Scottish restaurant is just as underwhelming on the inside with various negative reviews.

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It did help a great deal, but the room was still very hot for a person who is sitting on the side of the bed all night long with a full-blown case of pneumonia. Heck, it actually resembles his car wash from the outside! Yes - it is near to the centre of Brussels; but so are so many other reasonable hotels - they can't all be this bad. Stick to poutine! Since all electrical units were plugged in the same wall, the electricity breaker went off and we lost all electricity. We ate nearly all our dinners in the Paris dining room. General Manager was disrespectful, rude, unprofessional, lacked communications skills and used profanity. The crowds on the ship sometimes made getting up to the bartenders a challenge. Why does it perform so badly? Sadly, the restaurant never seemed fully booked on the whole cruise. Despite the place being called "World Hotel" is was more like a hostel than a hotel. And, most importantly, these problems will not be resolved as more and more reviews are posted; they are built into the system.

Our room had rubbish under the bed, black hairs in the bed, a rotting window which was shaking as it was windy, holes in the wall, a broken chair, a dirty sink and worst of all there was faeces smeared over the wall.

No manager ever came out and our server told us to just leave and never said sorry.

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For tours and attractions, the price displayed is usually the lowest available per person adult price. She said, "do you want a check? Since these converted prices are estimates, please check with the booking site for the exact amount and currency. Why does it perform so badly? Most obviously, it means that hotels with bad service will get penalized more than they deserve. Read Less Helpful? The biggest problem we had in the cabin was noise from the bar at the bottom of the atrium. This means that there is a mismatch between what is important to travelers and what reviewers write about on TripAdvisor. They are almost hidden along the side walls as you approach the buffet. This review of the The St. Many people seemed to enjoy it and it did make the atmosphere festive. It does mean that reviews are often full of vitriol and effusive praise. The food options were where I most noticed cost cutting. Women, for example, are more health conscious than men significantly more follow a diet and are much more likely to be vegetarian or vegan 79 percent of vegans in the US are female. I even asked for info and was told there was none.

Carnival has a decent cocktail menu that is worth exploring. Yum, that sounds real appetizing

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