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In many cases, a set structure of living is implemented so that the members of the community can work together for the benefit of all.

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Going back to contemporary India, the caste system seems to have made immense contributions to shaping the political dynamics. Rather, the caste hierarchy and oppression manifests itself through various other binaries, that of gender - man and woman, culture in terms of civilized and uncivilized, societal stratification in terms of high and low, ethical valuation in terms of good and bad, pure and impure.

The Caste System is very important part of the Hindu tradition because it is a historically important aspect into which people live in India, follow different religions, tribes, languages and belief.

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The society was divided into 3, castes and as many as 25, sub-castes based on the occupation of the community that a person was born into. Ultimately, the caste system is discriminating and retrogressive and, therefore, it has no place in the modern world.

For instance, US has long abandoned the quota system for affirmative action.

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The provision for the appointment of minister in charge for looking after the welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes in the States of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa also reflects indirect recognition of caste factor. Caste and Party Politics: Caste factor is a constituent of Indian party system. What is caste? Find out more In October , a young man walked into a flour mill in Uttarakhand, a state of northern India where the mist-wrapped mountains of the outer Himalayas begin. This paper plans to locate the ritualization and naturalization of the caste system- particularly the brahminical patriarchy in terms of gender, specifically from a critical feminist standpoint Making education mandatory and free for all till the age of 15 is one good resolution that has been adopted. The books shows his slow descent from that moralistic young man, to one who throws aside his family his principals and murders a man in order to escape the rooster coop Then there is yet another category which was added later on and is now known as the dalits or the untouchables. Employment opportunities and social programs that facilitate effective reentry are not made available to those returning home after serving their time for the crimes they have committed. The Original Caste System or Vedic Caste System: Currently the caste system is all about some people feeling themselves superior and some others as inferior based on birth which is not the case with the original caste or Vedic caste system or Varna system

And the caste system is based on the belief of reincarnation. In the United States class is determined by how much wealth you have, not usually by your occupation.

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The ruling party of India, the Right-wing BJP, is not typically seen as a caste outfit, yet its parent organisation and own ranks are dominated by Brahmins; Hindu nationalism is a deeply Brahminical ideology; and since inception has enjoyed the unswerving financial patronage of the upper-caste Baniya jati-cluster. In the following essay, I plan to explain the utopian society currently in practice in modern day India. These are either based on socio-economic factors or ideological factors. When the Portuguese wayfarers ventured inland from the Western coast, it is the numerous social divisions that jati mandates that would have reminded them of casta. For years, it was privately acknowledged that US policing had a problem with black minorities. Sofia, Calgary One of the best writing services. Rural social structure. Most Americans fall into middle class or lower class with the very wealthiest people in the upper class. There is outright discrimination against those in the lower hierarchy, thus rendering most people backward.

The caste system is a major social institution of Hinduism, but Buddhism rejects the caste system.

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How India deludes itself that caste discrimination is dead