Is the customer really king essay

Let me tell you what.

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Why customer is important? Manufacturers or producers seldom follow the safety regulations in the products like, lamps, batteries, footwear, electrical equipments, wires, cement, LPG cylinders, stoves, switches, plugs, sockets etc. It is agreed on all hands that "consumer empowerment" in India has a long way to go.

Is the customer really king essay

Related Topics Include:. Quality is not a prime importance at the lower strata of the society as the only thing that they want to do is make their ends meet. For E. There is need for a fresh look at the machinery already set up to protect consumer interests.

You must listen for the meaning and the insights that lie beneath the surface of their words. His mantra has been expressed as "Employee First; Customer Second. As richers are linged in market. Theoretically it is correct but when it comes to implementation we all know whether we are kings are not.

On a this way companies are getting or earning more revenue and also this way companies are sustain in a market.

Essay on is the consumer really the king in india

Actually, most customers crave simplicity. The producer gave to the good product, consumer-like and buy the product. In any service industry, it is very often when the customer gets cranky and comes back frowning. Today the markets are guided by the desire of customers. And we all know, as Mel Brooks so memorably stated, "It's good to be the king. So having this kind of perception in all companies consumers are able to have multiples options in their hands not only in price but also in quantity and quality at a place. The company name is known only because of customer. Vegetables and fruits are artificially coloured. A businessman begins his business on behalf of cusumer demand. Listen to your customers. It alleviates the brand popularity and creates good perceptions regarding your company and services.

Why a cloth selling company will take the automotive parts back from the customer?

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Essay about Customer Is the King in Competitive Marketing World