It is better to have siblings than to be an only child essay

According to society, women are expected to be at home doing the chores and taking care of their family. He does a lot of social work and gives a lot of donations, but no one can see the abuse that he inflicts on his family at home. My father was the oldest so according to customs and traditions, it was assumed that he would take responsibility for his siblings, children and parents.

The lack of help from older siblings may put too much pressure on the parents and cause conflicts. First of all, an only child is much more demanding than a child that has siblings is. My mom still dotes on my little brother to no end, which is good, but she doesn't see me the same way, which is what I regret and bemoan.

My girlfriend is an only child and there are many differences in the way we act. However, the only child in a family has all the things that are given. Studies suggest that getting pregnant within 18 months after your first child is born can make it more likely that your second child will be born early, underweight, or smaller than usual for the number of months he was in the womb.

Not having a sibling to play with regularly, or who they are able to share their thoughts and memories with, can be difficult. Children that have brothers or sisters know that not everything can be done at that second.

However, how each child turns out really depends on how the child has been brought up, among other factors. Of course, all the above described realities are true, but, to my mind, in this case cons outweigh the pros significantly. The rules of wheelchair basketball and stand up basketball are very similar.

argumentative essay on being an only child
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Only Child or With Siblings Essay Example