Juvenile crimes and teen curfew laws

Gender and crime among felony offenders: Assessing the generality of social control and differential association theories.

However, the courts have generally rejected this reasoning. A time-series analysis of the New Orleans law. They found no significant difference in the number of curfew-aged youth killed by homicide or transported for assaults or motor vehicle collisions before versus after the implementation of the curfew.

They found that the enactment of the juvenile curfew law did not significantly reduce victimization, juvenile victimization, or juvenile arrests during curfew hours.

Hemmens C, Bennet K. Municipality of Anchorage, 91 P.

Teenage curfew articles

The level of scrutiny applied, however, has not clearly determined the outcome of the cases. Google Scholar Hunt, L. Colorado, U. The effects of curfews on juvenile criminal activity: an individual-level analysis. In summary, six studies examined whether juvenile curfew laws effectively reduced youth health outcomes. Lastly, they examined San Francisco and San Jose in the mids. Younger youth in Cleveland and older youth in Detroit experienced significantly fewer motor vehicle crash injuries than youth of the same ages in Cincinnati during curfew hours 13—year-olds, 9. Evaluation Review, 20, — It is adults in their 40s and 50s, not just men. Gullotta, G.

The effectiveness of juvenile curfews at crime prevention. This study only used correlational data and compared localities with curfew enforcement defined as places that had issued citations for curfew violations to places with less enforcement.

What effect do teenage curfews have on crime and public safety?

Interestingly, McDowall et al. Ordinances that contain exceptions allowing parents to provide permission for their children to be out at night have generally held up. There were no differences in the probation revocations due to severity of a new crime. Lawson, U. Juvenile curfews and the courts: Judicial response to a not-so-new crime control strategy. Researchers could examine the characteristics of the juvenile curfew laws to determine if these differences moderate the effectiveness of the laws. Campbell Collaboration. Because juvenile curfew laws are imposed on all juveniles living in a geographic area, randomized controlled trials at the individual level are not feasible. In addition, the curfew ordinance had to have been passed to improve public safety by targeting juvenile crime and delinquency; thus, military or riot curfews were excluded. City of Charlottesville, F.

While it has long been settled that individuals have a fundamental right to interstate travel, the federal courts are evenly split as to whether this also encompasses a right to intrastate travel or a right to free movement.

A comprehensive search was conducted for eligible studies. Do juvenile curfew laws work?

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The length of the panel of data varied from 3 to 10 years.

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A Systematic Review of the Impact of Juvenile Curfew Laws on Public Health and Justice Outcomes