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Famous brand failures

The phrase translated to "Do Nothing" in many countries — not exactly an inspiring motto from a global banking brand. Companies Find Far more Powerful New Products with Good Marketing It is critical that companies embrace the power that marketing adds to their efforts to discover new products that offer significant market value. In my own innovation work, I find the most value from exploratory research. Video game historians have pointed to E. EZ Squirt Ketchup, Heinz The idea was simple enough: take ketchup, traditionally some shade of red, and turn it different colors through the magic of science. Alas, hardware was the bugbear of this brick and developers had trouble building games for its multi-chip setup. This weird flavor combination failed to find a following with consumers. The fall out was indeed catastrophic. Email Let us know in the comments if we missed any that should be added. The consumer would then, theoretically, assemble the bits of the sandwich together at a later time so that they could enjoy their still-crisp lettuce and tomato. Numerous updates and improved models followed, but sales never rivaled the much cheaper Macintosh and it was discontinued in Download the free report. The target market was adults, and market research had indicated that adults wanted a burger designed for them. Furthermore, the taste was inconsistent; one burger might taste fine, but the next one would be dry and elastic.

Oakley Thump, Oakley Sunglasses with built-in mp3 player. Personally, I think alcohol water might just be the next big thing… 4.

Many companies that did their due diligence still released products that failed once they went to market. AIBO was a robotic dog by Sony that could respond to commands and speak.

market research success stories

Nexus Q, Google This weird black orb thing was a media device that could connect to your TV and speakers and stream a list of various music tracks and YouTube videos that you and your friends co-created.

The problem arises with this strategy when there are shifts in the market or new competitors or products enter into it.

Market research gone horribly wrong

Doing so can not only address new questions and concerns but it can even help leaders look to the future and proactively respond to what they are seeing. Cimarron, Cadillac Many of these flops were born of legacy companies looking to change to stay competitive or relevant. FitBit Force, FitBit This version of the popular activity-tracking device was causing skin irritation and even blisters so severe that it resulted in a class-action lawsuit in California. The division stopped selling deals in December of It also lacks sophisticated understanding of people — like those people who might buy the product s. Research supporting innovation also needs to leave room for serendipity — because all innovation requires serendipity to be succeesss. These issues and a host of other challenges contributed to an uphill battle that Betamax eventually lost. Innovation is exactly the opposite. Life Savers Soda, Life Savers s This brightly-colored beverage did well in taste tests, but not in stores. Posted by Anonymous at. Launching the wrong product In , Coca-Cola took aim at a new market segment: to year-old males who liked the taste of Coke but not the calories. Ben-Gay was famous as something that smelled strongly and went on the outside of your body, not the inside. Below are what we consider to be of the biggest product flops of all time. Orbitz, Clearly Canadian Beverage Company This brightly colored carbonated drink with edible candy balls in it apparently tasted terrible.

Marketing failure is no small problem. One of the most common and widely accepted answers is that Coca Cola framed the questions wrong - they did not ask the consumer if they would "accept this new drink as an alternative to the old Coke", rather the survey revolved around "whether the drink tasted nice or not".

Segway, Segway Inc.

market research failure stories
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Market research horror stories featuring Coke, Microsoft, HSBC and more