Modern history how to analyse sources

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In what ways do the sources inform your understanding of the present? What is their occupation? Which of the sources was the most reliable in relation to understanding what really happened? For a thorough analysis, consider the following questions: What opinions or belief statements are evident in the source? Are there other sources which could validate the information given from this source? Example answer: The motive behind Source D is to aid in the recruitment of Australian soldiers to help the war effort. Are there other sources which could validate the information given from this source? How reliable is it likely to be? These details correspond to the fact that Germany at the time of warfare was indeed creating propaganda in order to raise the hopes of German residents. What kind of symbolism has the composer used? How widely was this source circulated?

When was the source created? Where would they be likely to view this? If you are a historian studying WWI, would you consider this source to be useful?

Source analysis worksheet

When was the source created? Why did the author create the source? How reliable is it likely to be? This will pose many limitations regarding the reliability of this source: Since he is a journalist, he does not have the actual experience of the warfare. Where would the audience have most likely seen this source? Example answer: Due to the possibility of bias and a narrowed perspective, this source should not be reliable to a significant extent. What information it provide? This means that a source can be written in a completely subjective manner and still be considered reliable, as all facts are accurate. Milana Gusavac thought she had seen the end of HSC until she realised that others out there needed help surviving year 12 just like she had.

Here you can also bring in bias if appropriate. Does the author provide evidence to support these ideas? Has the source revealed an insight into the question?

usefulness and reliability of historical sources

How typical is this source for this period? Its nature as a primary source gives useful suggestions to historians on how German people portrayed warfare to the public.

source analysis structure

What do you know about this audience? All sources a useful whether or not they are reliable.

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How to Write a 10/10 HSC Modern History Source Analysis