Moral obligation to help the poor

However, he thinks this assumption is irresistible and as well as universal; for any moral obligation is praise-- -worthy or blame worthy as they are either selfish or benevolent — which again shows that all human regard themselves as subjected to moral obligation.

Steven Jesus seemed to think so. In this case, proponents of lifeboat ethics must acknowledge the fact that population growth can be ethically stopped, without the death of the poor, by simply providing financial assistance to the poor.

He argues that any treatment of moral obligation will follow two dimensions. My name is Waqas and i live in Pakistan.

moral obligation to help others quotes

While it is not practical to suggest that people give to the point of suffering themselves, it is important to change the material mindsets of people into ones that see their moral duty to help the poor. The eleventh meaning denotes a lack of entitlement as fundamental to the condition of poverty; people who have the necessary entitlements in the society are not poor; but some are due to lack of sufficient entitlements.

Please sir help me for God. Sam To me, obligation has always meant a feeling of guilt to do something. PHIL — Social Philosophy An examination of topics pertaining to social structures and institutions such as liberty, distributive justice, and human rights.

The assistance of the rich towards the poor will be feasible in a state where individualistic socialism has thrived, that is why it is more important for the rich individuals in the society to offer support based on a promissory obligation rather than that of self- benevolence which is based on altruism.

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People have the right to do with their earnings as they please.

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Poverty and Moral Obligation