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Describe your approach to quality control, production control, inventory control, and explain what quality control and inspection procedures the company will use to minimize service problems and associated customer dissatisfaction.

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Explain how any seasonal production loads will be handled without severe dislocation e. The statement should be kept short and businesslike, probably no more than half a page.

Milestone schedule in business plan

Describe how distributors or sales representatives, if they are used, will be selected when they will start to represent you, the areas they will cover and the build-up a head count of dealers and representatives by month, and the expected sales to be made by each. The value of a plan is measured in its implementation. The underlying cash conversion and operating cycle of the business will provide key inputs for the schedule. OEM original equipment manufacturer sales. Some of the more common distribution channels include: Direct sales. Publicity What methods will you use to get free publicity for your business? This includes a description of collateral marketing material as well as a schedule of planned promotional activities such as special sales, coupons, contests and premium awards. The target market narrows down the total market by concentrating on segmentation factors that will determine the total addressable market--the total number of users within the sphere of the business's influence. Manufacturer's representatives. Where are you likely to have bottlenecks in your service delivery or manufacturing process and how will these be anticipated and addressed.

Used mainly by retailers, markup pricing is calculated by adding your desired profit to the cost of the product. The business plan will be distributed to all the departments so that all the related process in their department can go on smoothly.

This is important if you're seeking funding; the investor will want to know just how dependable your information is, and won't risk money on assumptions or conjecture. Now you must be a classic capitalist and ask yourself, "How can I turn a buck?

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Major achievements. Direct Mail.

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