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The more remote and unfamiliar the setting the better; and the speech should be suited to the action: hence the "heroic couplet. Jeremy Collier, a Protestant minister, possessed particularly strong feelings about Restoration theatre.

One of the most advanced additions to the stage that emerged during this time was the use of technology both structurally and visually. Still, muses Lady Brute, in one of many discussions with her niece Bellinda, "These are good times.

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Chicago: University of Chicago Press, It was written in prose. The English language has borrowed some phrases and words from this work and they are commonly used in day-to-day conversation, such as Vanity Fair, Slough of Despond, Mr. There are three types of comedies that were popular during the Restoration. Ten consecutive performances constituted a smash hit. The main character in these plays was torn between the patriotic duty to their country and their duty as a lover. The plays, however, were not often mere imitations; in the majority of them there is original observation and independence of thought. Monck recalled to the Rump Parliament the members who had been excluded by Pride's Purge in ; the reconvened body voted its own dissolution. Literary criticism[ edit ] Distaste for sexual impropriety long kept Restoration comedy not only off the stage but also locked in a critical poison cupboard. Comedy on the reformed stage?

The latter half of the seventeenth century would see both a reinvigorated sense of bawdy humor as well as the emergence of professional female actresses for the first time in the history of the theater Victoria and Albert. All the primary texts are in this anthology.

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The upper-class town rake Horner mounts a campaign for seducing as many respectable ladies as possible, first spreading a false rumour of his own impotence, to be allowed where no complete man may go. Certain writers, in the field before the civil war, survived the period of theatrical eclipse, and now had their chance. The comedies were generally staged in bowdlerized form until the midth century. The national taste was coming into harmony, to a considerable extent, with the standards of Europe. An attempt is made below to illustrate the generational taste shift by describing The Country Wife and The Provoked Wife in some detail. Restoration comedy was strongly influenced by the introduction of the first professional actresses. This unique venture was set up with detailed rules for avoiding arbitrary managerial authority, regulating the ten actors' shares, the conditions of salaried employees, and the sickness and retirement benefits of both categories. George Etherege wrote The Man of Mode which shows the immoral manners of the society. Other heroic dramatists were Nathaniel Lee and Thomas Otway. Generally, people from the country are ridiculed for their humbleness and lack of sophistication.

Great Heart. His diary could not be read untilbecause it was written in secret signs. The company was fairly small and had little resources. The last remnants of military republicanism, as exemplified in the Fifth Monarchy Menwere violently suppressed, and persecution spread to include the Quakers.

Bellinger, Martha. When this play was not well received, Congreve gave up writing plays in disgust.

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The trick is a great success and Horner has sex with many married ladies of virtuous reputation, whose husbands are happy to leave him alone with them. Dryden is the major writer of dramatic tragedy. His diary, which presents himself as a hero, is very interesting and colorful work.

Restoration period drama

These exchanges are full of jokes, but are also thoughtful and have a dimension of melancholy and frustration. Betterton played every great male part there was from into the 18th century. It gave a new direction of thought, not only in England but in other countries of Europe. For Wycherley and his confreres were the first Englishmen to depict mankind as leading an existence with no moral outcome. The courtship of Harcourt and Alithea is a comparatively uplifting love story in which the witty Harcourt wins the hand of Pinchwife's sister Alithea from the hands of the Upper-class town snob Sparkish, to whom she was engaged until discovering he loved her only for her money. They stole freely from the contemporary French and Spanish stage, from English Jacobean and Caroline plays, and even from Greek and Roman classical comedies, and combined the looted plotlines in adventurous ways. To build on that might prove a vain presumption, Should grants to poets made admit resumption, And in Parnassus he must lose his seat, If that be found a forfeited estate. They probably exercised to the full reach of their powers when they hammered into grossness their too fine witticisms just smuggled out of France, mixed them with additional breaches of decorum, and divided the results into five acts. Much of the Elizabethan Play writers blended tragedy and comedy, whereas the Restoration dramatists chose to separate the two Nettleton. It was built on the Thames river so that viewers would arrive by boat.
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