Scariest night of my life essay

One night when I was falling asleep in my bed I got one of those feelings like I was being watched.

Scariest experience of your life

It didn't go away until I started praying out loud asking god to take it away, then it started to slowly fade. We were feeling bored and went out for a drink or two. I gathered courage and opened my eyes to look through the window. Hearing becomes heavily heightened in the already unbelievably loud environment. We chose this path because it would be the shorter walk to the pub. What I saw, made me laugh too. Typing this right now is making me tear up and shiver! I was okay with her decision because I would be spending the whole summer with my family. It was getting pretty creepy sitting there in complete silence, until I started hearing these scratching noises. James E. I ran inside balling my eyes out and couldn't sleep for months!

It was a gargoyle! The second I saw it, I couldn't move or breathe.

a scary night narrative essay

Our bags and shoes hung up above the ground to allow for no unwanted guests to take up residence. A type of honestly that 's hard to express in a judge mental world. I didn't know what to do so I just went to more like ran faster than I ever have to my Aunt's house down the street and stayed there for the night.

write about a time you were scared essay

It was a Friday night. But then he slowly A cool light wind was blowing sending leaves dancing noisily in the forest floor. Once it was there, its face came out about 8 inches.

Right down the road I noticed a historical landmark stating facts about the battle of Glorieta, which happened to be a major battle during the civil war.

Scariest night of my life essay
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Scariest Night of my Life