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I'm doing it so I don't have to pick up trash in the school courtyard like certain deviant so-called friends of mine who also got caught.

I guess we'll always call them glasses anyway. Harmon I wouldn't be late again. Do you read YA books? It keeps my guard off guard. In this way, you begin to see the power of a little attention, care and affection. His teachers do everything they can underhanded to keep him out of their precious spelling bee, but he does manage to end up IN the spelling bee anyways.

Thursday, October 21 Tod, please don't crack your gum today while you write. For one, it had me cracking up.

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I also read it for the story lines, which are likelier to pulse with action because kids are supposed to have limited attention spans. Some longer words: competitive, disadvantaged, confrontational, valueless, forgettable, Neanderthal, dysfunctional, incarceration.

It's easy to vilify a bully, I guess. The other is more about all the conflicts that come with suddenly noticing that boys and girls are attracted to each other… or not.

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The strongest characters are the females — they hold their ground at every turn. Usually they aren't so quick to narc if you do something nice, something unexpected just before you walk away. Knocked my slippers off to read him and the way he approached the universe the writing is quite sharp as well. I loved this book and I hope it does really well for you! I guess we'll always call them glasses anyway. If I use a lot of short synonyms and adjectives and strings of similar words then I can be out of this delightful, beautiful, pleasant, joyful, garden-like room before the sun goes down on this lousy, gray, cold, depressing, crappy, terrible, ugly, meaningless, rotten, hurtful, lousy, miserable cold day. Is this right? The floor is the same sad green as my pants, but my pants are a lot cleaner. I've got to thank you; counting words had become a little tedious for me, too. The writing is swift and lively, and the scenes are vividly drawn. I'm not kidding, either. So, while SCRAWL is a funny, poignant, sometimes really sad story of a bully; it's ultimately the understated story of a bully's redemption--and a story of hope.
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Scrawl: A Novel by Mark Shulman, Paperback