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We invite teachers to teach this lesson completely, then share up to three of their students' best revised and edited samples at our ning's Publish Student Writers group. Inspired by Barry Lane's Reviser's Toolbox, the WritingFix website encourages its teacher users to adapt our lessons, especially the tools of revision we have posted here.

To submit student samples for this page's lesson, click here. You might earn a free classroom resource from the NNWP! The children could go to search online and in printed texts for diary entries from the war years. The website of the National Archives has examples of war diaries on open access.

More from the series WW1 A to Z. Key Stage 2 Pupils could freeze the frame to view details of one of the diary entries shown. To be able to post, you will need to be a member of our free Writing Lesson of the Month Network.

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lesson plan for teaching diary entry

What can they discover about the life of the man who wrote the diary? Would they have eaten the same things, done the same things, seen the same people? School pupils examine diaries written during the war years and discuss what we can learn from them.

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