The burning man project

As the population of Black Rock City grew, further rules were established in relation to its survival. The effigy was reconstructed, led by Dan Miller, Harvey's then-housemate of many years, just in time to take it to Zone Trip No.

Inorganizers took the first step in creating a non-profit, forming a member board consisting of the founders and burners with backgrounds in non-profit, arts, business and civic realms.

Civic responsibility and communal effort are of special importance. In the long term, we view ourselves as a service provider to people and organizations extending Burning Man culture globally.

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Timeline of the event[ edit ] The statistics below illustrate the growth in attendance of the Burning Man event, from a few handfuls of people to more than 70, inas well as other facts and figures.

Profits from the event are invested in creating the following year's festival.

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Inthe effigy grew to 15 feet 4. Bythe event had grown to 8, attendees and unrestricted driving on the open playa was becoming a major safety hazard. Under the new terms it was made known that a new LLC was created, Decommodification LLC, which in the new non-profit business structure, owns all of the intellectual property associated with the Burning Man brand, including ownership over logos and trademarks, and will be responsible for enforcement thereof.

We did it this year with [freespace], which started in San Francisco and was recognized by the White House for its innovative approach to community building, and is now spreading worldwide.

Unconventional forms of self-expression like performance art using light or fire, nude body painting or the creation of "Mutant vehicles" are integral to the Burning Man experience. Drawing on experience in the sign business and with light sculpture, John Law prepared custom neon tubes for the Man in so it could be seen as a beacon at night.

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Burning Man Project