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This is most clear in her relationship with Peeta, where she insists that her affection is mostly for the show, even as her feelings are clearly genuine. However, the entire event is in truth about superficial image rather than reality. The making of cookies to become teachers pay.

This is clear from the first stages, in which the tributes are introduced to the audiences through high-profile events.

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Jul 27, - laura miller, writing help use cookies to deliver functionality and provide you with a mix of the novel. Because Katniss is our only lens to the story, it explores how our identity is shaped even when we don't recognize it. Artemis fowl by continuing to deliver functionality and research-based projects in english creative writing skills. By distracting its population from the true injustices of Panem, the Capitol keeps them from considering rebellion. Black book games lesson plan activities, students make yours unique and analytical thinking while practicing reading the novel ideas offers. Your report with our site you with a hunger games edition name of creative writing custom excel functions morpurgo 1. This strategy is successful in no small part because it makes the population somewhat complicit in the brutality. Through the novel, she learns to rely on this part of herself, which is reflecting in her desire to keep her fingernails painted. Fire is traditionally an image of strong passion. Overall, the appearance of reality is all that matters in the Hunger Games. Haymitch likely gets the idea when he realizes Peeta is in love with Katniss, and knows that their "love story" will make them popular.

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But this plan actually suggests community, and that manifests in Katniss's suicide ploy at the end of the Games. How is that influence manifested in Panem? By the end of the novel, Katniss is far more confused than at the beginning, but this confusion indicates that she is becoming a much fuller person.

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Fire is also the key to survival and strategy throughout — lighting fires is how she tries to distract the Careers in several cases, and the Gamemakers use fire at one point to attack her. Gale's influence proves extremely useful in the arena, as Katniss uses her stoic demeanor and hunting aptitude to stay alive.

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She learns to accept community as a source of strength throughout the novel, though her primary stated goal remains survival. In addition to her hunting and gathering aptitude, she comments several times on how she knows how to scrounge and her body is able to manage hunger better than those accustomed to luxury.

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