The importance of securing your weapon

The units and individual Soldiers to whom this gear is issued are held accountable for maintaining them. In the military it is instilled in our heads that our weapon is the most valuable thing you will ever have.

the importance of kit security

Last but not least the placement of your gear such as on your main pack, assault All of the gear that is issued to me I must make sure I have everything at all times, otherwise if I lose a piece of gear I must fill out a missing gear statement, get it signed off by my section head, the platoon sergeant, and my platoon officer.

The levels included in the term classified are restricted public disclosure could have undesirable effects or do some harmconfidential unauthorized disclosure could damage national security example would be compromising information that indicates the strength of armed forces or disclosure of technical information about weaponssecret unauthorized disclosure could seriously damage national security and top secret unauthorized disclosure could immensely put national security in immediate danger.

The importance of securing your weapon

Another thing is that the bolt could stick and not completely feed the round into the chamber causing another double feed. I hope this essay is just a starting point to get future officers thinking; that the security of their equipment, is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Operational security is process that denied valuable information to an enemy.

importance of equipment accountability in the army
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Securing Military Gear Essay