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The agency store was opposite this structure.

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Horace returned to assist father in hauling logs, which were being used in building a dwelling for the family who had moved over from Missouri.

Construction of the Shoshone Dam started ina year after the Shoshone Project was authorized. The next moment the horse got his back up and hoisted me into the air, I fell violently to the ground, striking upon my side in such a way as to severely wrench and strain my arm, from the effects of which I did not recover for some time.

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While this beautiful valley greatly interested me, yet the most novel sight, of an entirely different character, which met my enraptured gaze, was the vast number of white-covered wagons, or "prairie-schooners," which were encamped along the different streams.

This greatly displeased father, who took him to task for it. The Shoshone Project became one of the first federal water development projects undertaken by the newly formed Reclamation Service, later known as the Bureau of Reclamation. Burns; mother of a well-known lawyer of that name, who is now living in Leavenworth.

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The trip across the prairies was a delightful one, and we remained at the post several days.

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William F. Cody Archive: Documenting the life and times of Buffalo Bill