The rise of punk in 70s

This style is exemplified in the British band the Sex Pistols, considered by many to be the first true punk band.

punk subculture

The message of punk remained subversive, counter-cultural, rebellious, and politically outspoken. The fanbase was just so passionate.

punk ideology

Performers, for the most part, had little or no technical training and possessed only very cheap and unsophisticated equipment. One of these was in length.

The most important thing to acknowledge is that we use the word "Religion" as a metaphor for any prescriptive, codified system that restricts one's freedom and behavior The all-black attire and moral laxity of some Beatniks influenced the punk movement.

punk rock artists

Anger is an emotion evoked by a certain state of affairs; it is a logical conclusion of the circumstances one is exposed to and not hate for hates own sake.

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The History and Evolution of Punk Rock Music