The rivals an anti-sentimental comedy essay

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Conclusion of the rivals

Now all this makes us laugh at her superficiality and silliness. The Faulkland-Julia love-affair is undoubtedly a parody of the sentimental comedy of the eighteenth century. The true character of Faulkland is indicated to us by Absolute's description of him as the "most teasing, captious, incorrigible lover". She deliberately makes a quarrel with her lover just for pleasure and making fun, because lovers always quarrel in sentimental novels. He subjects Julia to a test in order to convince himself of the sincerity of her love. Show the ways in which Sheridan has his characters use the device of deception and the effects he achieves thereby. When Sheridan himself fought a couple of duels for the sake of Miss Elizabeth Linley, there was a strong emotion behind them, but here we have a mockery of dueling and we are made to laugh at the manner in which these duels are arranged.

Sir Anthony to is a practical, worldly man. What determines what is funny to a particular society?

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After Maria leaves, Lady Teazle asks Joseph for an explanation of what she has seen, and he tells her that he was pleading with Maria not to tell Sir Peter of his tender concern for Lady Teazle.

Bennet, for Wickham is destined to make a considerable dent in Mr.

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Accessed 11, Because it is a comedy packed with wit, laughter, and mirth provoking scenes, while the sentimental comedies move the audience to tears not to laughter. It is kind of comedy representing complex and sophisticated code of behaviour current in fashionable circles of society, where appearance count for more than true moral character.

The speaker — Mr.

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However, most relevant is the state of affairs sculpted here.

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''The Rivals'' as an Anti