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Selection criteria include strong academic indicators LSAT score and undergraduate cumulative gpa combined with a specific interest in the areas of law to which Frank Rothman dedicated his life.

Derek: My advice for the personal statement is: be who you are and share who you are.

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While there is no prompt and we encourage you to approach the personal statement with an open-mind, we are particularly interested in how your background academic and otherwise has led to your decision to study law. How will you affect, influence, inspire, or teach others as a result? Each additional statement should be no more that one-page, double spaced. Most optional essays are short, about 1 page double-spaced. Of the qualitative or "soft" factors of the application, the personal statement is of critical importance to the admissions committee. The application is a requirement to be considered for the program. What will you bring to the School of Law? VT: What is the single most important thing applicants should focus on with this application? Derek: Because you will be applying for a professional degree, it is important for the law school admissions committee to understand why you are interested in attending law school and what your career goals are at least, generally. Although there is no specific topic or question for the personal statement, your narrative should at some point address your decision to pursue a legal education. Derek: Aside from LSAT preparation, the single most important thing applicants should focus on is superior writing in all components of the application i. Please provide a statement that tells us how the disability prevented or hindered your academic performance, and the following information: a The date of onset or discovery of your disability; b the effects of your disability on your past academic performance and on standardized tests; c what, if any, accommodations you received in elementary, high school, college and graduate school; d any improvements in your academic performance after receiving accommodations; and e the ways in which your performance reflects your high achievements despite your disability. In other words, give the reader some detail about what happened so that he or she can picture it. Successful applicants have written about significant experiences and sources of personal motivation. Prepare a one-minute video that says something about you.

Scholars will be notified of selection beginning in mid-March. Jessica Pishko graduated with a J.

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Note, some schools provide this opportunity through optional supplemental essays; do the supplemental essays. VT: What kinds of things experience, grades, etc. Derek: Admissions officers expect the letter writers to know the applicant extremely well from an academic setting, employment setting, or, perhaps, through substantive community service or extra-curricular activities. You are welcome to use this attachment to provide any other information that you would like to make available to readers of your application [This is an open-ended addendum prompt, which could be used to submit a GPA addendum, LSAT addendum, or work or study break addendum, among others. Examples can be from your own personal or professional experience. Writing is the single most important skill for success in law school and for success as a lawyer; everything you submit as part of your application will be a measure of your ability to write effectively—i. In addition to listing diversity characteristics on the application form, we welcome diversity statements that describe any aspect of your background or experience that you would like to provide. Then, decide what makes the most sense for each essay. What did you do to overcome that obstacle? Feel free to comment further about your education, background, community involvement, and strengths and weaknesses in certain courses or activities. When we say optional, we really do mean optional. Finalists will be selected for an initial round of interviews and notified in late February.

Visit Dean Meeker Consulting for more information. Give us your top ten list. While it is not required, substantive work experience will make them more compelling as candidates for attorney positions and more prepared for the rigorous work ahead of them. Please type your name and LSAC account number on the top of each page.

Still others may learn best by working one-on-one with an LSAT tutor. Related Resources:. Examples can be from your own personal or professional experience. What will you bring to the School of Law?

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Applicants must give themselves several months to study for the LSAT, and preparing for and taking the exam should ideally be done before the application season opens i.

Optional Statement on Diversity: Describe an experience of yours that speaks to the possibilities and challenges of diversity in an educational or a workplace setting.

You are not required to provide the information below.

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