Video games affect the brain

In long-term gamers and individuals who had volunteered to follow a video game training plan, the right hippocampus was enlarged.

How do video games affect the brain positively

This provides boys, many researchers believe, with an edge in mathematics and engineering. But don't video games cause violent tendencies in players? Shutterstock One review of research by the American Psychological Association found that people who played violent video games were very slightly more likely to engage in aggressive behavior actions like playing a loud sound that people they were competing against could hear over an audio system. American Psychological Association. There are three distinct ways of looking at this question. But many other people have pointed out that some types of games offer benefits, including the potential to improve people's ability to pay attention and process visual information. A total of 22 of the reviewed studies explored structural changes in the brain and studies analyzed changes in brain functionality and behavior.

While all of us experience this activation, younger age groups are a lot more sensitive. Both see increased stimulation of the brain areas associated with motivation, goals, and rewards.

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The prefrontal cortex is located in the brain's frontal lobe and is involved in functions including decision-making, problem solving, planning, voluntary muscle movement, and impulse control. Benefits of Video Games Exercising Your Brain With Video Games To start, recent studies completed by several noted research and scientific organizations have proven that playing video games could help improve the quality of life for the disabled and mentally ill.

ScienceDaily, 7 April The hippocampus is responsible for forming, organizing, and storing memories.

Video games affect the brain

Anderson, a vocal video game critic, conducted a study that shows a link between exposure to violent video games and increased aggressive behavior , as well as decreased empathy among gamers. For instance, such claims tout that, for just a few minutes a day, you can train your brain using video games—and in some cases, that these games will make you smarter. Take caution: warfare lurks in this genre too. It's like blaming food because we have obese people. Gazzaley notes that it is encouraging that even a little brain training can reverse some of the brain decline that occurs with age. He contends that this research ignores important social factors — such as mental health status and family environment — that can trigger violence, while pinning all the blame on gaming. Most of the reviewed studies were attempting to find a connection between whether games do make changes to the brain or not. Moreover, gaming is a popular activity, so everyone seems to have strong opinions on the topic," says Marc Palaus, first author of the review. The research into the effects of video gaming is still in its infancy and scientists are still scrutinizing what aspects of gaming impact what brain regions and how. By embracing the positive ambitions of the optimist, acknowledging the warnings of the pessimist, and exploring the intrinsic beauty of games with the cultivated taste of the artist, we can build a fully-dimensional picture of how games are changing our brains, and what this means for the future of humanity. It is important to note that the type of video game played is a significant factor regarding visual attention enhancement.

The right hippocampus plays an important role in how we process and consolidate information, including short-term and long-term memory. Fortunately, there's a fair amount of research that about how video games affect our brains and bodies.

Games also enable players to develop skills in building friendships and support networks. The studies show that playing video games can change how our brains perform, and even their structure.

Video games can also be addictive, and this kind of addiction is called "Internet gaming disorder.

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Gray matter is the layer of the brain that is also known as the cerebral cortex. When training non-video gamers with action video games, these individuals showed improvement in visual attention.

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How video games affect the brain