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Test suits of other compilers are useful for debugging, but by nature they nitpick every detail of the language specification.

Or whatever you want, really. The C vararg spec is not well-designed.

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I feel I'm making a steady progress. Newline characters of my compiler can be traced back to GCC which compiled mine.

The statement.

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You should generate the function epilogue as part of the return statement, right before ret. I attempted to read the TCC's source code several times, but I still don't get the whole picture. It reminds me of the movie, Inception. I again narrowed the bug down to a specific file by bisecting. That is. That function was not very small, so I split it up and moved the code to another file. GCC actually returns some very large number with all least significant 8 bits cleared as a false value. It should work for all stage examples in the test suite, including the invalid ones. Day 38 I fixed an issue that occurred within the second generation if the lexer was self-compiled. Beginner Friendly Tutorials for Programmers What do you want to learn today? I compiled that using my compiler and GCC to compare. Day 43 Rewrote a parser for statements as a recursive-descendent parser instead of an operator-precedence parser. You should definitely use an immutable data structure for your variable map.

Although I'm thinking that 8cc is one of the best programs I have ever written, I'd choose a different design than that if I were to write it again.

A normal goto can only jump to one location, but a computed goto can take a pointer and transfer the control to that address.

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But it just means a function can have more than one statement now. The fix was just one line despite the three-day extensive debugging.

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We need to go deeper to reproduce this bug. Both features have no use cases at this moment, but it is OK to be there since the amount of code I wrote for them is very small. Beginner Friendly Tutorials for Programmers What do you want to learn today? My compiler emits terribly naive assembly, but such naive code is not slow in order of magnitude. Only three files left. It took about 40 days. Changing Value Pointed by Pointers Let's take an example. If I compile some files with GCC and the rest with my compiler, the resulting compiler reports syntax errors for valid inputs. To understand why this will work, we need to know a little bit about stack frames. I modified code, tried to read it as if I were a third person, and then became satisfied at the quality of the code, just like trimming a bonsai tree and appreciating the result. Bit field access needs more than one machine instruction because CPU does not have instructions to access individual bit in memory. I thought I had no choice other than printf debugging because the second generation is compiled using my compiler which does not support debug information. I'd probably finish them, and then start working on improving the output code quality. I had to think for a while and open a textbook again to recall how to rewrite the grammar to make it right-recursive.
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