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The policy provides guidelines for student-athletes pertaining to their use of various social networking sites and informs them of online behavior that the department will not tolerate. Resources could be shared across academic support offices. Given the potential physiological differences in concussion risk between males and females and youth of different ages, this research should explicitly take into account both age and sex.

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Response We now have Academic Advisors, funded by the Athletics Department and supervised by the AAP in the Steele Building, who are tasked specifically to work with student-athletes and meet with them at least once per semester.

Student-athletes increasingly participate in these high-impact academic activities. Additionally, tutors were informed that they will be required to sign a statement at the end of each semester to certify that they followed all NCAA, University of North Carolina and ASPSA regulations, including those regarding electronic communication with student-athletes.

Special Subcmte of the FEC July Recommendation We also encourage the academic advising program in the College to better publicize the fact that certain programs seated in the Loudermilk Center, e. Student-athletes were informed that they are not permitted to accept benefits from these individuals beyond those that are consistent with the benefits provided to the student-athlete by the individual when he or she was a fellow college student.

In so much as it is possible, the University commitment to having undergraduates participate in First Year Seminars, undergraduate research, international activities, experiential education, service learning opportunities, etc.

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Despite the construction of an impressive center for academic support for student-athletes, are resources housed in the Loudermilk Center under staffed and under funded? Since the last major revision in , two classes of student-athletes have enrolled at the University. It is documented in the annual compliance reports that are filed with the NCAA. Such contracts would stipulate the same information that appears on a syllabus for a regular lecture or seminar course i. Recommendation The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the National Federation of State High School Associations, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the National Athletic Trainers' Association, and the Department of Education, should develop, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of large-scale efforts to increase knowledge about concussions and change the culture social norms, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding concussions among elementary school through college-age youth and their parents, coaches, sports officials, educators, athletic trainers, and health care professionals. Assessments should also include an examination of the effects of concussions and repetitive head impacts on quality of life and activities of daily living. Federal interagency initiatives to identify common data elements for traumatic brain injury research, including research on concussions, and to develop the Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research FITBIR informatics system may help to advance such research through the use of common definitions and standards. Developing a clear and shared vision for the academic development and success of all student-athletes irrespective of sport is important.
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