Writing a lisp compiler in c

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Posted by Tim Morgan. This is the only loop supported by MiniLisp.

Writing a lisp compiler in c

I cannot give enough praise or thanks to Joel for creating the excellent Mal guide. The algorithm is slightly different: we need to skip each blank character until we hit the first digit the dividend , then do it a second time to find the second digit the divider , and finally divide the two. Download the code here if you want to mess with it. The SML family of languages has some features like pattern matching and an extensive type system that make writing interpreters and compilers an absolute dream. So 3 recursive calls to getlist means the stack grows by 3 times the getlist functions storage requirements. That is true for mathematical operations, too. List literals are cons cells. Here is an example. On each iteration, args is dereferenced and the resulting pointer is assigned to a newly constructed cell. This is something to explore! A Mal Interpreter in Rust My first go was to follow the step-by-step guide and build an interpreter. Otherwise else is evaluated. It interprets LisP expressions. The inefficiency here is the longer the list, the taller the stack. Execution: The internal representation is then processed according to the semantic rules of the language, thereby carrying out the computation.

The reason strdup is used, and the string is duplicated, is because we want a more permanent copy of the string. Copy and paste is fine. I didn't sacrifice readability for size. Environments An environment is a mapping from variable names to their values.

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Second, a Bytecode Compiler and Interpreter As a next step, inI started work on my scheme-vm — a virtual machine for Scheme written in Ruby. For example, one could: Write a Mal interpreter in Go. If the first symbol is apply that means, in this interpreter at least, that the next element is a function and the element after that, the third element in this list is a list - the b c d in apply a b c d.

Neither is there any error handling, so a program with missing or unmatched parenthesis, unresolved symbols, etc will likely just result in something like a segmentation fault.

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It will help if the values they have can be readily printed in human readable form. This is so that macros can be defined at compile time. If the token is a closing parenthesis it returns 0 a NULL pointer. Loops while cond expr I tinkered off-and-on with my scheme-vm for over three years and learned a lot about how to think about compiling. Thanks Many thanks to Joel Martin for creating Mal and giving it to the world! How this recursive function call works is worthwhile understanding. In other implementations of eval, the equivalent test is if the expression is an atom. The problem is that using the heap for everything instead comes with a heavy computational cost, and using the heap only when you need it means you need to identify those circumstances, which isn't trivial. If proc is anything other than one of the symbols if, define, or quote then it is treated as a procedure. I would highly recommend anyone to have a go, and try not to follow existing code too closely: figure out the problems in your language of choice. The Lispy parser is implemented with the function parse. I was encouraged to do this as a new grad student, and it was one of the most fun and educational experiences I remember.

In order to run the tests, give "test" argument to make. I decided to write V1 in C based on these two series of blog posts.

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Create a minimal Lisp interpreter in C