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The feasibility report answers the question "Should we implement Plan X? For example, you might create an online survey, conduct focus groups, complete interviews or read literature on the subject.

The writers ask their supervisor if she will reconsider whether the hospital can afford tablets specifically designed for health-care environments. This recommendation states explicitly what the writers think the reader should do next. Also, provide an overview of the contents of the report.

The date the document was submitted. For example, a recommendation might suggest design, distribution and display by the end of the month of posters in the workplace that highlight incentives and punishments.

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A critical part of feasibility and recommendation reports is the discussion of the requirements you'll use to reach the final decision or recommendation. Final Recommendation After describing and evaluating your options, you will recommend the one you think is best and provide a discussion of the reasons why you recommend it.

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Include a conclusions section where you restate all the key conclusions from the comparison section. The methods. Organizational Plans for Feasibility and Recommendation Reports This is a good point to discuss the two basic organizational plans for this type of report: Traditional plan: This one corresponds to the order that the sections have just been presented in this chapter. Remember that this is a typical or common model for the contents and organization--many others are possible. If you're looking into the feasibility of providing every ACC student with an ID on the ACC computer network, you'd need define the basic requirements of such a program--what it would be expected to accomplish, problems that it would have to avoid, and so on. Indicate how the field of options was narrowed to the ones being compared. It requires professional help to ensure that the decision made by the management can benefit all the stakeholders of the company. Developing the Body of the Recommendation Report Once you are already done with the introduction of your recommendation report, the next thing that you need to give focus on is the body of your discussion. Works Cited Recommendation reports sometimes require in-depth research that can range from conducting interviews and surveys to reading peer-reviewed journal articles or other related documents. Example outlines of the same report--one using the standard approach; the other, the executive approach. This section establishes reader expectations for what is to follow. A brief statement of the context for the report. The presence of recommendation reports especially coming from those who are experienced professionals can make it easier for the business to allocate certain resources to achieve their objectives and smart goals.

Description of Options This is the heart of a recommendation report.

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Recommendation Report