Xenograft bone transplantation method essay

Unfortunately, the literature reports some controversial issues regarding allografts related to possible graft rejection, virus transmission and other ethical concerns [ 1516 ].

So, for autologous, allograft, xenograft, and more recently, alloplastic dental bone graft techniques, little had been documented about how patients felt about a particular method.

In contrast, however, while patient opinions and preferences should always be considered prior to treatment, there has been limited study into how patients really feel about the different types of dental bone grafts used in dental implant procedures.

Xenograft bone transplantation method essay

Bacterial infection at the graft site may also occur. For example, the Masquelet procedure consists of initially using PMMA mixed with an antibiotic vancomycin or gentamicin for 4—12 weeks, and then replacing the space with an autologous bone graft. Infuse Bone Graft consists of two parts: rhBMP-2 recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 An absorbable collagen sponge You don't need a second surgery to harvest bone from another place in your body. Such discussions are a part of the process of patient choice and essential to the principle of autonomy. The main reasons for xenograft rejection were the fear of possible disease transmission and the belief that it is wrong to use animals for human benefit. Xenografts are usually only distributed as a calcified matrix. Similarly, xenografts may produce zoonotic disease in some cases [ 16 ]. However, autologous bone grafts occasionally have significant drawbacks, such as increased postoperative morbidity, the need for a second surgery and the lack of sufficient bone mass at the donor site [ 11 ]. This loss can be a result of dental infection of abscess , periodontal disease , or trauma. Temporary spacer[ edit ] A synthetic material may be used as a temporary antibiotic spacer before being replaced by a more permanent material. No funding resources were used to develop this research. Women of child bearing potential should be warned by their surgeon of potential risk to a fetus and informed of other possible orthopedic treatments. The presence of elements such as strontium can result in higher bone mineral density and enhanced osteoblast proliferation in vivo. Hydroxylapatite is a Synthetic Bone Graft, which is the most used now among other synthetic due to its osteoconduction, hardness and acceptability by bone. Discussion Bone grafts have made it possible to resolve the problems of the insufficient thickness or height of the jawbone in many patients who require dental implants for either functional or esthetic reasons.

Bone grows where Infuse Bone Graft is placed. The final decision may depend on several factors, but it is necessary for the patient to be well informed [ 17 ].

Bone grafting indications

Nonetheless, the risks and benefits of allografts should be discussed with the patient prior to the consent process [ 15 ]. Each patient expressed unique opinions and arguments for accepting or rejecting each type of bone graft. This study did not detect significant relationships between religion and xenograft primarily because Christian religions i. Therefore, this study exhibited percentages closer to the national population census with Please see the package insert for the complete list of indications, warnings, precautions, adverse events, clinical results, and other important medical information. Allografts were the bone grafts that elicited the highest refusal rate among respondents. Other[ edit ] Besides the main use of bone grafting — dental implants — this procedure is used to fuse joints to prevent movement, repair broken bones that have bone loss, and repair broken bone that has not yet healed. Theoretically, re-exposure may elicit a more powerful immune response to BMP-2 with possible adverse consequences for the fetus.

Consequently, science has developed other therapeutic options, such as alloplastic grafts synthetic bone substitutesprocessed bone from species other than that receiving the graft xenograftsand processed bone from different individuals of the same species allografts [ 4 ].

Additionally, it is unknown whether fetal expression of BMP-2 could re-expose mothers who were previously antibody positive. That is until recently!

Each patient expressed unique opinions and arguments for accepting or rejecting each type of bone graft. A study involving patients [ 6 ] who had received or were about to receive liver allotransplants reported on these patients' opinions about possible donor-related risks.

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Bone graft substitute: allograft and xenograft.